Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Celebrating mass on TV

I had an unique opportunity this morning: I celebrated mass at Saint Joseph's Oratory at 8:30 am -- a mass that was televised by Salt and Light TV.

While I've celebrated mass many times (obviously), I've never done so for TV before. You have to be very present to the celebration, particularly given that there are important time constraints involved (i.e. you need to keep to the time slot given to you). In our case we have 30 minutes, and I managed to keep it to 32 up to the final blessings. It is a good discipline, especially for the homily. Next time I'll keep it to the actual 30.

I'll be honest, I was dreading to do this at first. I'm not much of a performer. Still, it was good to this, and in my homily I even addressed the television audience directly, giving people some spiritual "homework". Heck, it was fun, and I'm looking forward to doing it again.