Friday, 30 June 2017

Wow, this new Google News is crap

I am using Blogger for this website, which is a free service, so it may be that my criticism of the new Google News service is a case of biting the hand that feeds me, but I had to say that I find the new redesign is total crap. Not a very episcopal expression, I know, but it summarizes the situation well.

I have had a special news feed that searched on the expression "Pope" or "church" or "catholic" or "God"... you get the picture. Every day I would load that feed so I could scan the headlines related to those search terms. Now... nope. It opens to a generic News page with all kinds of stuff that isn't what I'm looking for. Very strange for a service like Google, that built its product on giving you stuff that is relevant to what you actually searched for...

Additional tests show that the search engine simply gives bad responses. I searched for information on "Cardinal Müller", as there is news trending about him as I write this, and when I clicked on the link to "View full coverage", everything was about another Australian cardinal who has been in the news lately. Useless.

Sorry, Google, you screwed this one up. Time for a reversion to what, you know, actually worked.