Friday, 2 June 2017

This new computer is sweet

I bought a new computer a couple of days ago: an Acer Spin 5 laptop. I haven't bought a new computer for at least 10 years now, because up until now I've been taking old PC's and recycling them by installing Linux Mint. I love Linux, I really do, but with all the travelling I've been doing I really needed a better machine to actually get my work done.

The laptop arrived yesterday, and I had a chance to set it up today and take in for a... um... spin! The verdict: wow, this thing is fast! It boots fast, it runs software fast, and the connection speed is great (must be using a more advanced Wifi protocol than my current machine). Frankly, all of this makes it more fun to use.

My plan is to keep this laptop free of all kinds of downloaded crud. A clean software always feels great, like that fresh sensation after you've brushed your teeth (yes, I know I am a geek). I'm still going to keep my desktop as a backup development machine, but for now I'm enjoying this one.