Monday, 11 July 2011

And now for something completely different

I have some big news…

I am being named auxiliary bishop of Montreal. I will be ordained a bishop within the next three months.

I can hardly believe it myself!

At present I am in Ottawa, as my family lives here and I wanted them to hear it from me first. I told my siblings to come over to my parents’ house for 7am, and after they arrived I woke up my mom and dad. Once everyone was seated in the living room, I broke the news. Cheers and hugs were the result!

News sure gets around fast. Within a few minutes I already got a first congratulatory note on Facebook, so I changed my status ASAP. Responses are flowing in.

I will be hitting to road shortly to get back to Montreal for whatever it is that comes next. Stay tuned, I will be posting more of the story as time permits.