Friday, 18 August 2017

Blown tire, but thankfully not a blown vacation

Ah, vacation. A time to get away from it all. And today was the day when that was to start. Except this happened on my way to Sherbrooke...

The good news is that it was the rear tire. I was driving on highway 10 in heavy rain with moderate traffic, so if a front tire had blown there would have been greater danger of losing control. As it is all I felt was a lot of vibration, like I was driving on rough asphalt. I managed to get to the side of the road, and call CAA (AAA for my USA friends). 

Because I had CAA-Plus I could have gotten towed all the way to the Eastern Townships and have the tire replaced there. Unfortunately none of the garages contacted had the tire in stock. So I had to double back to Montreal to see my tire-specialist garage here. I am sitting in their waiting area as I write this.

So much for the start to my holiday -- I was going to spend the afternoon with brother bishops at our gathering in Sherbrooke, and the evening with Archbishop Luc Cyr, but alas. Still, it could have been worse -- my plan was to drive tomorrow from Sherbrooke through the White Mountains to Maine, and I'm certainly glad the tire didn't blow while I was in the middle of nowhere. And nothing says I can't take a break and have fun in my hometown -- once I get out of here, of course!